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Oct 10,2015 :Brazil Motorcycle Show

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The current exhibition at artspace in Shreveport will have motorcycle enthusiasts drooling.

The current exhibition at artspace in Shreveport will have motorcycle enthusiasts drooling.

Art of the Road, curated by award winning local builder Steve Culp and his wife and rider, Liz Swaine, will have its opening reception this evening from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. Art of the Road focuses on the art of the machine itself...the lines, the creations; the ability of two wheels to transport us through a century of design and open road romance. The exhibition will span the golden ages in the development of motorcycles with bikes that range from the rare and one of a kind to those who have found legions of followers. These sculptural movable works tell the stories of their era, their countries, their designers and of wildly differing times in our lives.

ART OF THE ROAD is the inspiration of Liz Swaine who experienced a show on sculptural moveable art similar to this at the Guggenheim. The focus of that exhibition was enlightening the way the motorcycle is viewed to be more than just a transportation vehicle and more of an elegant form that expresses the era of the designer. Taking that concept, more than 47 motorcycles have been selected for ART OF THE ROAD that reflect the vast timespan from the 1930’s – Early Days, to 1950’s – Golden Years, to 1960’s – Motorcycles Go Mod, to 1970’s – Change is in the Air, to the Current era of the Resurgence of the American Builder. This collection of motorcycles include rare, vintage and collectible models that are seldom seen by the public and include their original paint and bodies.

Liz Swaine shares, “This is expected to be the only occasion such a collection of motorcycles will be available for viewing in this type of setting in our area. There will be Stone stock to radical custom motorcycles that were made in America, Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan and numerous other countries. All of the motorcycles included in the show are owned by motorcycle collectors and enthusiasts from within 100 miles of Shreveport. Motorcycles included in the exhibition that are of particular interest will be a 1957 Maico Typhoon made in Austria and a 1952 Mondial Lusso made in Italy, along with a large selection of Indian Bikes dating from the 1930’s to 2000.”

The exhibition will be open through October 22nd and is free for the public during normal business hours. Cost for the opening reception tonight is $10.

The opening rumble tonight will include entertainment by musician, Twang Darkly. Twang Darkly plays original instrumental music, cinematic Appalachian jazz rock fetched from the future on a beer-fueled time machine fabricated from gourds and guitar strings.